Wake Up Kid EP

by Possum

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A soundtrack to a time and place


released June 18, 2016

Adam - Guitar/voice
Reece - Bass
Andy - Drums

Artwork by Ben Carter

Tracks 1, 2 and 5 produced by Callum Joseph Stewart
Tracks 3 and 4 produced by Adam Gilfoyle
Mastered by Bob Cooper

Thanks to everyone who helped us out, lent us gear for shows and let us record this x



all rights reserved


Possum Leeds, UK

90s teenage heartthrobs xxx




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Track Name: You'll Thank Everyone
Wait, I feel like I'm alright
Living the irresponsible life
Of never waking up
With all your friends in a field near mine

It's not so bad at night shaking
It's not so bad feeling you're falling apart
It's not so bad that I'm missing
It's not so bad that I'm...

Not thinking in 10 months
I'm scared enough to say I'm in love
This summer wont last long
And then its time to start life again

One more week till its gone
A new chapter begins
Just when I got used to it

Time to make everyone proud of shit you're unsure of
Now in the end you'll thank everyone
Track Name: Six Hours Is Enough
Since when did I have to tread lightly in this town
Do I even remember this place?
Is it always the same things?

I'll stay vacant forever
Nothing wrong with being boring
I'll stay up late
And watch the sunset fade

This'll go on till the day I die
Till the early morning stings my eyes
Till the coffee doesn't stain my breath

If I say whatever I want to say
Will I be okay?
Track Name: Alright
Trying to find my own way home
You and me wont have to take to long
To get to (where) we want
Get hold of teenage feelings and all the things you felt
I wont get that
Cause its not what i want it to be
I guess thats just a promise to me

I'm not feeling better
But I'll try to be, just for me
At least now I can think about it
I can talk about it now
Without crying

If I look at the sky for long enough
Will i feel different? Will I feel inspired?
Or will sleeping on your carpet still feel so much better than
Going home again
Not for the first time

I'm alright now
Track Name: Carl, Don't Be A Goof
I've been thinking
Thinkings killing me
I used to dream just for the fun
Now I'm just killing time till I'm 21

I know I'm young
I know I'm stupid
But I'm not that young
I'm not that stupid

Shaking again
Is it cold or is that me?
Leaving everything and learning to grow up
Isn't how I expected my late teens to be
Track Name: Nothing Moments
Train rolls east again
And I can't help but feel I'm leaving
Not coming back home
Is it me who's changed and everything's the same?
Everything's the same

Shall I just stay here?
Cause no ones around this year

I feel so alive

If I have to slowly kill myself to have a good time
Maybe this ain't the greatest place to die for me